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SONY DSCThe soccer school is owned and run by me, Peter van Meerten.

Born in the great wine year 1965, in the picturesque town of  Ruurlo.

As a young player I have played football at VV Ruurlo, PH Almelo, National Military Police Team, TUS Seven Germany and several military police teams. As a trainer I worked for serveral (senior) teams DVO’71 and PH Almelo and U6, U9, U12, U15, U17 teams PH Almelo and DVO ’71. I am in possession of the Diploma Youth Soccer, KNVB FED pupils certified KNVB UEFA C degree and am Arsenal Soccer School coach certified. My current club is AVC Heracles Almelo.

I am ambitious and want to achieve a number of things before i am old and gray So long I want to educate players and improve their talents. My vision is that players should train within a safe environment football. Unite players and parents creating peace ensures that the young players can focus. Fully during training and competition

Technology must be functional and age related. Players must have confidence in their own abilities and forget what they have done and especially continue with what they can do / weather mean for their team.

10014935_10152094333164064_423063433_oI also believe that discipline is not a dirty word. I think it means nothing more than appointments that you make and actually meet each other.” This increases your self-confidence, resilience, team spirit and personal development. Children are NOT stupid and often more honest than adults. Also, they are visually oriented and can be trained audiovisual.

I think it’s great to see them perform. Young players together But even better if it is accompanied by fun and development. Fanatical, winning together and losing together, cheer together when a goal is scored, making the assist be more important than the goal. Pleasure with the big P!


The Football Academy

Prosoc Football School Almelo

training002We start in August with our ​​training for the youth in Almelo and surroundings. We provide additional soccer training to young soccer players aged from 6/13 years. All courses will be instructed by certified trainers KNVB.

In Prosoc Football School Almelo, we find it important that children are within a safe environment, so their talents can work. The player remains a member of his own club and are instructed in a challenging” environment in all aspects of football. The football would be complementary to the regular courses. But distinctive in quality!

Not everyone is Messi or Ronaldo, but each player can get better within his / her capabilities. As we invest. In small groups, the players get all the attention they deserve and train them on the following components:

Technical gait training.
dynamic moving
operation Speed
football Coordination
P.A.K.T the B.A.L. (Passing, Answer, Bounce and Stairs) (Motion, Anticipation, Lines)
1:1 passing the opponent
1:1 leave the opponent or situation
1v1 defending
Position and scrimmages 2v2,3v2,3v1,3v3,4v4 etc
scoring ability

International Projects

Prosoc provides technical advice to football schools around the world. As technical director, I am attached to CDIF INTWARI from Burundi. I go here at least once a year train the players and train the trainers in addition, I am a consultant to the Hui Soccer Club in Indonesia. Soon there will also be reached agreement regarding an advisory role with a club in Nepal



I am INTWARI CDIF’s Technical Advisor, but above all very involved in the vision of President Pierre Abega. I share his positive drive and therefore support it in many ways. A football academy in one of the poorest countries in the world. A footballschool for all, regardless of ethnicity. Rich or poor, football is shared here.

I recommend Abega, train the trainers and let players see how people in Europe, trained and played. Technically, these players are very good and have the right mix between the West African and muscular endurance of the East African.

In 2017 we want several players to play in the U17 of the Burundi National Team.

Besides football, I try a number of sub projects to help children including; Prevention of Obesity, cleaning of the training ground, environmental awareness and prevention regarding injuries.

20130723_090704Notice the children and collecting garbage and debris from the training.

As a further object, I have to obtain a bus for the transport of the players. Many children sometimes have to walk for an hour before they arrived at the training and must pass the same way on foot after training.

For more information click here for the website.

Support: I refer to the website of This organization is committed to help children in Burundi. Funds are needed for healthcare, sports, nutrition, education and social projects.

1375269_537689136309690_2012737644_nHui Soccer Club is a football club founded by football lovers Henry and Retno Uche Iwuanyanwu. Henry Uche Iwuanyanwu football management has studied at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), BICA is licensed and U.S. Soccer coach and scout for several top European clubs.

I recommend the club with technical advice, seeks to provide for trials in Europe. Possibilities for Indonesian players with additional qualities I discuss the football coaching staff technical and tactical problems where and advise in these matters with solutions and capabilities.

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